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Youths World is an African youth centered non-profit organization that provides practical, values-based leadership development, mentorship, and livelihoods training to promising young Africans, so that they can become ethical, innovative and positive role models providing solutions to the problems in their community. At YouthsWorld, we believe that the young people are the central of society and our youth leadership programmes engage them in the developmental stages of their lives.

Our Skill

Youths World programmes are designed to enhance individual and collective agency. Over 12,000 young people in Cameroon and beyond have benefitted from our programmes in both urban and rural areas.


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Staffs of YouthsWorld

"None of us is important than the rest of us"

Oliver Nshom

Founder and CEO

Oliver is a leadership coach and an Inspirational speaker whose messages have ministered to millions of lives across Africa and beyond. He has been trained as a Speaker by the National Speakers Academy (NSA) Network USA. He is hard working, positive, and has excellent work ethics. He has contributed greatly to the success of the organization over the years.... He is so driven by his mission statement “connecting people to ideas and stories, helping them live better lives and become fruitful in God’s vineyard”. Oliver emerged as an award winner from the Cameroon leadership Academy in the 2nd edition in 2014 and the most recent award he secured is Young Citizens Contributing Positively (YOCICOPO), from the FOMBILLION Academy. Read more

Kencho Desmond

Strategic Planning Manager

"Desmond Kencho is a strategic planning manager with Youths world organization where he serves as a volunteer with a three year previous experience in administrative assistance and of successful experience in office and employee management. He is equally a certified speaker from Intelligent Performance World Class Speakers, Nairobi Kenya....
He specializes in Public speaking and leadership development. Desmond regularly attends and facilitates speaking events over a variety of programs with YouthsWorld, such as Public speaking contests, personal development conferences, and mastermind leadership development with Dr. Madison Ngafeeson. This he does even with other companies and organizations and he is a network marketer.
A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Desmond believes in the capacity of youths in changing the narrative about poor leadership in Africa and he is committed in enhancing leadership by influence and not position only."
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Randy Kimbi K.

Talent Innovation Project Officer

A passionate Christian inclined towards developing individual’s personality through counselling and public speaking. He is living his dreams as an Emcee (MC) and a critical thinker.
He values knowledge and tries to make it known to others. Believes in originality and innovations. he values completion and not competition. And has as purpose... to enable youths believe and know themselves better.
He is a very good strategic planner and prompt executor of task, loves acting and developing video concepts. He equally frames a lot of concepts on pidgin spoken word.
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Nshom Laura

Finance Officer

She is passionate in Finance management and is a fellow of various programs including Cameroon Leadership Academy for transformation and making an impact in Africa, all of which have spurred her to be champion for economic and social progress in her community.
To this end, Laura is passionate about Pan Africanism,... transformational leadership, good governance, and sustainable development She is a knowledge-driven person who believes one minimizes errors in life when they know better and act better. He enjoys the exchange of ideas among group members
Time away from work, Laura gets pleasure from visiting the sick and the old, gardening, cooking and reading.
She has worked with the CBCHS and joined Youths World as a Finance Associate.
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Betrand Akisah

Project Officer for Celebrities [Making ideas reality]

Akisah Betrand is a self-development author, a creative thinker and a public speaker. He is best known for his book “THE SUCCESS FORMULA” which has influenced lots of youths in the country to commence developing themselves in order to achieve their desired dream. His passion to teach people learn how their thoughts and principles influence their ... realities, has led him to become a visionary entrepreneur in the field of the education of the mind. As a visionary, he has founded and started building an academy called Academy of Creative Thinking (DSR). Through this academy on social Media, he has started teaching people in and out of the country on the concept of thoughts, principles of the mind and reality creation. His passion to promote youth’s ideas or dreams has earned him the position of youth world celebrities’ officer in the Youth World Organization. His personal unique mission is to develop himself to a self-made Professor. Read more

Epiphania Ngum

Spiritual Mentor

Ngum Epiphania keming, is a Holder of DIPET 1, in Computer science from the Higher Technical Teacher Training College Bambili/UBa. A Computer Science Teacher and an Evangelist. He also holds a Sunday School Teacher / Missionary Certificate, in Church Ministry from CBC Bambili. He has a Leadership/Emotional Intelligence Certificate from Knowledge... Fountain Leadership Academy. A Passionate leader: living to see Humanity transformed and living fulfilled lives in every aspect. He will be fulfilled only when the lives of others are bettered. Read more

Duel Nfor

Director of Local Heroes Production

His life rolls everyday by principles. He is the Mankong field chairman for the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Besides his day job at YouthsWorld where he serves as the Director of Photography, he assisted in shaping public opinion through regular television interviews in Canal 2 English on personal development matters. Mr. Nfor is a champion for youth inclusion... in all spaces and is particularly passionate about the issue of youth employability in Africa. He loves promoting local brands and he is an ardent lover of Bamenda Gospel Music. He has also volunteered with a host of other organizations especially in the slums of Bamenda where he grew up.Read more

Suzang Endurance

Local Heroes Project Officer

Suzang Endurance is a graduate from the National Polytechnic University Institute Bamenda with a BSc. in logistics & Supply Chain Management. After his graduation, he pursued in building his skills in line with his passion in videography and photography where by it has open doors on numerous opportunities for growth. He has produced documentaries,... short inspirational videos/slams, music’s, starring in movies and covering events. He is currently consulting with the Documentation Department of the CBC Health Services HIV-Free project as their video editor. He is carrying an advocacy training on NCDs to help prevent and control the prevalence of such diseases. He is also undergoing a professional online training in Leadership in Entrepreneurship.
He founded a group called DRELLE which brings together young boys for mentorship, training in entrepreneurial skills and leadership. In addition, he is the Youth President in Hope Baptist Church Ndamukong, with over 100 young people who are being groomed in the fear of God and to make a positive impact on society. These above exposure has opened his eyes of the dangers youth face when they engage in risky behaviors. ‘Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matters’ by so doing, Youths World Organization has been one of those platforms to impact youths in the area of his passion and making them to be ethical change makers and pace setters.
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Olives Nkwain

Social Media Manager

Leonel Ghislain

Project Officer for LeaderEquipth

Ngoran Clautilda

Talent Incubator Project Officer

Clautilda is a junior parliamentarian, Youths motivational speaker, entrepreneur, advocate for talent promotion and educationalist.

Eugene Chefor

Communication Officer

Chefor Eugene is a visionary youth and an optimist who aims at equipping and giving a face-lift to great potential youths through: teaching, writings, motivational talks and dramas. He is a young certified speaker and a writer and has published one book already, currently working on his second book. He has served as a church secretary in his local church and the youth leader for his congregation for the period of 4 years.

Yvette Jimah

Volunteer Manager

Yvette Jimah is a Christian woman who believes there is still so much good in this world, which needs to be tapped and used for the general good. She is a practicing Journalist trilled by her slogan “let us be the change we crave to see” .Volunteerism might just be that change.


International Relations & Logistic Officer

Karen is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Divine calling. She is a passionate lover of nature and people, she is sociable in all time and in all places she finds herself. She possess a great team spirit (collaborating spirit) and bears a great sense of humor (reliever of distress minds and hearts); this goes with her natural and spiritual gifts of counselling and comforting people.... Her reasoning capacity (level of imagination and faith) is equivalent to that of the “goddess”, she is very much comfortable with a complex and diverse world and not only humans, but animals, plants and mysterious beings.Read more