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NSHOM Oliver FounderHi!!
I am Oliver NSHOM, one of the main people behind Youthsworld.org; here are some quick facts about me and the site:

Global speaker Association (GSA) member, a Certified Speakers Professional from NSA www.nsaspeakers.org youths motivational speaker

Diploma in behavioral therapy and one In Gestalt therapy
Certified trainer specialized in body language, self confidence and depression

I ‘m currently studying law in YALE University under the MOOC's Program finishing this year
. An author of three books: ''How to Achieved a Goal Faster'' and ''How to turn an idea into ACTION’ the recent one "What is Success?

My purpose in life is to thrilled, nudge, amplify and help as many people live their best lives. And my life means Fish: freedom, Inspiration, Sharing and helping.

We founded Youthsworld in 2011. With the aim of providing young people with opportunities: Jobs, Scholarships, internships, getting to read inspiring and motivational articles which could forge them into living their dreams.

Feel free to be part of this idea, learn to write articles and make sure you attend our conferences, seminars and workshops. These are programs we organized on monthly bases to teach the youths on topics like: The value of education, How to turn ideas into action, Achieving a goal faster and lots more.

Youthsworld Got 28, 0000 Visits so far and gets 100,000 monthly hits

Some of my TV and Radio Appearances

nshom Radio talk image

At Radio Santé International Yaounde where i currently run a program

nshom oliver motivational speaker02

TV Interview at DBS

Nshom TV talk image 2

During an Interview at the Spectrum Television, STV2 Douala Cameroon

Tv talk show image 1

During an Interview at the DAN BROASTCASTING SYSTEM TV Douala


TV Interview: Talking about the Evolution of Youthsworld and what we aim at doing.

Shooting an episode about Time Management at the University of Buea.

Talking to youths about how to effectively manage their Time

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Nshom OliverHi everyone! and welcome to YouthsWorld website. We are a thousands youths revolution with the change needed in today's society. Our world is becoming more and more competitive and fast- growing, with rapid technological innovation. These advances have altered the landscape of social interaction....

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