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Hi everyone; My Name is Oliver NSHOM. I was born in a small Village, Ndum -Oku, located in the Bui Division of the Northwest Region of Cameroon that is Africa. Make up of about 37 Inhabitants where over 85% of children were not going to school. I am the fourth out of seven siblings. When I was growing up as a kid, my parents never send me to school for reasons I do not know. I was very stubborn and stupid so then I decided to go to school on my own, but when I get to school I never do well. But none of my teachers took me serious some. Thought I was just to be witnessing how other children were learning; nobody had ever asked neither droving me from school fees.

But I make sure I promote myself to the coming academic year.

My classmates took me for granted. But, I never bordered about their opinions about my life

At a later age my parents discover I was almost to go the secondary school and they started

To pay my fees and they took things serious.

I got graduated to go to secondary school while in the secondary I drop out three times

My friends all encourages me to go back to school. I went back, studied and succeeded

In my Gce/ Grade 9 after, I have learned and acquired so much education and knowledge from the Hard Nut University I have realized I have a potential which the world wants and I have learned to believe in myself and in my abilities that my dream is possible no matter my setbacks, challenges and

The negative circumstances I find in my way.

Because they all said they know where I can from, there wasn't hope for my future

But I couldn't yield to them, I believe in God that what he said I can do it's possible I could do it. What matters is what he says about me but not what others think about me

Today I had founded Youthsworld a non profit with over five thousands members around the world ( and been a motivational Speaker, Speaking

Across my country Cameroon and across the continent. I thank God for the journey so far and for the grace he granted me.

Your dream is Possible never mind what others

Say about you, the claim they know you but only you and your God knows yourself better

You know 5% of who you are and God knows 95% of yourself what is important is who you are. My purpose on earth is to thrill and help as many discover their potential and live their best lives here on earth ask your self these questions? Who are my? Where are my currently standing in life? What impact are my in the lives of others, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, partners…etc are my living a happy life, at peace? This will help you discover your own purpose in life. One Africa, one people and one love.

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