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Nshom OliverIf you have just discovered Youthsworld website,I’d like to take this opportunityto extend a warm welcome and tell you a bit about why we are called a positive revolutional catalyst. We are a thousands youths revolution with the change needed in today's society. Our world is becoming more and more competitive and fast- growing, with rapid technological innovation. These advances have altered the landscape of social interaction.Our primary aim is to ensure that todays youths have the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they  need to succeed.We engage young people as partners in development, equiping them with the know-how and tools to contribute to their communities.


We are indebted to the youths of the world for bringing to their understanding, as potters to mold the earth to their values that say: we shouldn’t cheat, lie and hurt ourselves by refusing our responsibilities as tomorrow’s leaders. Rather, we should concentrate on issues which count, instead of being victims of life circumstances. The fact everyone exists is evidence that world needs something from us. Therefore, live each day as though it is your last. You were born an achiever, not an underachiever.

 I strongly URGE every member of this community, anywhere you may be in the world, to actively participate in our programs and discussion forums. This site has been designed to inspire you to do that which you were born to achieve and live purposeful life here on earth. There is fire in our inspirational and motivational materials webring to you. Embrace the inspiration- grab it! We promise there will always be your favorite’s. Our dynamic team will do their best by maintaining it's quality and content. Remember with God, nothing is impossible and the words says ‘’I’m possible’’. I believe we can change our world and create a better future for each individual by coming together as a team, hence making each life a success. Read our free articles, learn to be loved and be part of our Revolution.Then tell your friends and your school to join us too.At the core of our work is creating new opportunities for young people: Jobs and internships, Articles, Scholarship opportunities, training and conferences, Grants and a whole lots more. Thank you for visiting us,we will be please to have you back again. We love you all, be blessed, stay curious and change the world.


Oliver  NSHOM

Founder and CEO YouthsWorld, Inc

More about Nshom Oliver: www.olivernshom.com

"It's all about building the new tomorrow"

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