The future of the world lies in Africa

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Africans wake up it is your time to shine.

Every moment spent looking back is time wasted looking at tomorrow

Africa future belong to it young people, Young Africans should be able to stand up and make things happen not only in their own communities but around the world-President Obama

The beauty of Africa is incontestable, indivisible and undoubted. I pity those Africans that have adopted different cultures.

Africans youth needs to be proud of them, they need to have love for what they do and for what they have to action upon their visions, remember and nothing works unless you work for it. The best plan in the world can fail if no action is taken upon it. A vision that is not action is auction.

Lets humble and make our self more available to the people who can help us achieved our dreams. We should not focus on why we cannot do things which is what most our brothers do perhaps we can and be one of the exceptions. Let us discover what we are good at and then work hard in achieving.

Bill Gate is not the best programmer in the world nor is he the best Speaker, sales persons, visionary or accountant.

Will Smith does not claim to be the world greatest actor. Do not chasse success, instead decide to make a difference and success will follow you.

Africa does not have an uncle abroad who will come and bail her out of the struggles for emergency.

It is important that African countries wake up and pool whatever resources they have and jointly deal elements pulling our continent towards emergency. The storage factor for success is self esteem, believing you deserve it, believing you will get it.

To get our continent back on her feet we first have to get down on our knees to seek inspiration from the one above (God)

People were created to be loved, things were created to be used the reason why Africa seems to be a chaos is because things are been loved and people are being used. For a better Africa, lets express love in the companies of our fellow brothers and sister and not using them for the achievement of our ultimate goals.

We can achieve much more today; the world is growing so faster today, with a rapid scientific and technological breakthrough on the increase. We have transmuted from the industrial age to computer age leading to jet age and now the information age.

We can achieve more if we can leverage these advantages in the information super high way to change our continent and the world. The advancement in human endeavor and activities have open up a vacuum of responsibilities and goals to attained in education, health, culture, leadership and lots more. These vacuums must find a covering to make our continent a better place.

We can achieved more if we the young Africans consciously join the league of change agents all over the world to make Africa great, Greatness is founded by grace but reveal by labor. We can achieve more if we put away the get rich quick syndrome and devote our resources and energy in building a good legacy for the next generation of Africans. We can achieve much more if we take very seriously the important of partnership and mentorship in our various careers to achieve our goals. We can achieve much more if we live selflessly and let love for humanity lead in every venture we found ourselves. We can achieved much more by taking advantage in the evolution of the Young Africa Leadership Network (YALN) and the intercourse of the creative minds and ideas on this forum. We can achieve much more.

God bless Africa

NSHOM Oliver

President and Cofounder of Youthsworld, Inc

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