How to develop good habits

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Be led by your dreams but not by your problems. As a part of my plan to live a healthier life style I decided to start doing physical exercise every weekend no matter where I found myself instead of the normal sport I do once in a week I do sport twice every week.

The problem with developing such a good habit was that I had an intense love for sport and I have always felt that sport is stressful I decided to do it every even though I don't like it.
Each week i used to do sport right after getting up from bed but one day there were no GYMS around and I started to feel that something is wrong!!

It was clear that I didn't only develop a good habit but i also became used to it to the extent that i felt that something is missing when i couldn't do it.

Getting used to good habits

The human body can adapt itself to any habit and once it gets used to it breaking it would be hard. Even though i didn't like carrying on some physical exercises at the beginning i started missing it later on because i got used to it!!

The same goes for Speaking, at the beginning speaking was an unbearable activity but after some time i started to feel really bad the day i don’t Speak to people.

If you want to develop a good habit then you must understand that by sticking to it for a certain period of time it will become a part of your lifestyle and it would be hard to break it.

Why do people fail to develop good habits?

People fail to develop good habits because:

  • They give up before they get used to them: Most people who fail to develop good habits have one thing in common which is giving up before they get used to the habit Thinking that they will suffer forever: In the beginning green tea had no taste but after a while i started to find that it tastes good, its all about sustaining the habit until you start liking it
  • Giving in to temptation: The hardest part in developing any good habit is the first few weeks, if you managed sail safely through this period then there is a big chance that you will keep your good habit. Eating a big chocolate instead of the apple you intended to eat in the first few days will certainly ruin your efforts to develop a good habit.

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