The champion in you

The ignorance of the essence of success is one of the main cause of

stagnant in the life of a man.


We succeed only to the extent that we help others to succeed,Bishop David

Oyedapo once said "My own definition of a millionaire is someone who has

affected a million lives positively"

We ought to have genuine compassion on our way to success. Success and

selfishness cannot work together.

The essence of success can never be safe, it must be to the other person.

Success is about giving,serving and solving problems,it's about meeting

peoples needs.

I've discovered that the reason God hasn't answered our financial

breakthrough prayers is because we are self-centered. James 4:3 says "

When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motive,that

you may spend what you get on your pleasure"

You may not be able to do everything but you can do something, it all

starts from where you are now, in your family,school,neighborhood or on

your job.

If you do not take up your responsibility,you will die a liability.

As long as you keep seeing yourself as a victim,believing you are the one

in need,God cannot use you to meet needs.

Step out to be a blessing to others, stop running after people ; some

people need to running after you. Refused to be a liability,pick up your

responsibility cause you are an asset.

Most people don't have money thinks money is man's greatest need. They end

up with low self-esteem,not knowing that there are still needs in the life

of who have money.

There are money people have money but do not have peace of mind,other have

house but do not good healthy.

"And let us no be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap it if

we faint not "Galatians 6:9.

A successful man is the man who finds true joy and excitement in being able

to reach out and extend love to others.He's of a benevolent spirit,quick to

give and derives satisfaction from helping others become successful.

It is your responsibility as individual to make your impact felt in your

respective sphere of contacts.


You are a champion and a champion is someone who wins for others,not for

himself. He is a trailblazer,an initiator,a paladin of a good cause.When

you get to understand this,you will find several opportunities abound for

you to champion a cause and chart new frontiers to improve your world.

Let the inspiration for change drive you to champion that positive cause to

a successful end.

Don't be among those who merely fold their arms and expect people to do

everything for them,rather be like Gideon who knew there was an attributes

of a champion by awaking the children of Israel to battle for their

liberation against the Midianates. (Judges 6:34-35)  Article writing by Igwe Henry

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