A brighter future ahead of you

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Many in this world have refuse to let go off the past.They hold firmly
to it thinking that's where their world ends.Inrespectively of what
your past achievments may be,it may be success or failure,the truth is
that theirs a brighter future ahead of you.
Many relax so much in what they have achieved in the past,they refuse
to believe that they can still be better than what they've
achieved.They strongly rely on their past glory.Your glory is what
brought about your story,but when your success is no longer consistent
it then becomes a history.Stop being carried away with the joy of your
past glory,that's just the begining of a brighter future. While in the
other hand, most people remain failure because they strongly believe
they were born to be failures. I've once heard someone said '' i have
done everything i could in the past to succeed, but i think i've been
destined to be a failure''.
No, cause no one is born to be a failure, their's a unique attribute
in you that will surfix to a brighter future. For the fact that you
tried and failed does not make you an automatical failure.
Don't write your self off because of your past experience,rather look
ahead and behold the brighter days to come.
Believe in yourself, even when other refuse to do that, lay out
principles for yourself, create a platform, in where you can actually
see yourself as a success. Refuse to associate with people with
low-self esteem, but rather always admire the midst of people with
great zeal for success. You posses this greatness that is capable of
catarpulting you to highest level of your imagination, if only you can
lest go off. The past and forge ahead. Never allow your background to
put your back on the ground, be determined to succeed,never compromise
your success with lack of self believe. Look beyond your present
state,with boldness and courage step out to achieves greater things
and behold, a brighter future ahead of you...

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