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Roland Kwemain Profile picture Roland Kwemain, nominated by JCI Cameroon, was elected JCI (Junior Chamber International) President at the 64th JCI World Congress held in Hammamet, Tunisia, in November 2009.Born in April 4th 1971 in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Roland Kwemain holds a degree in Marketing from the University of Douala, Cameroon. He also earned a diploma on “Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” from the World Bank Institute.

Kwemain is the Executive Director of ADCOME since 1999. ADCOME focuses on empowering youth and communities with 21st Century Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) skills necessary for development. He is the Chairman of Go Ahead Africa Ltd,a training and consultancy firm with the aim to contribute to the development of Africa through capacity building and the valorisation of its development actors by creating a credible and professional platform for all potential investors.As part of her CSR policy,Go Ahead Africa Ltd organises the Cameroon Leadership Academy annually,a leadership program focused on tranining and exchange of experiences of 100 Active cameroonian youth drawn from the 10 regions of the country.He is also an Executive Speaker on Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship.He is the President of the Catholic Men Association of the Diocese of Buea and Board of trustee’s member of the Catholic University Institute of Buea. Kwemain resides in the city of Buea with his wife Marjolaine and their three children – Patrice William, Diana and Enzo.

Kwemain joined JCI Buea Summit in 2002, and became JCI Buea Summit Secretary General in 2004 and JCI Cameroon National President in 2006. At the international level, Kwemain served as 2007 JCI Vice President, 2008 Chairman of the Africa and Middle East Development Council (AMDEC), and 2009 JCI Executive Vice President. He has attended 15 JCI Area Conferences and 8 JCI World Congresses. He is a graduate of the 18th Japan Leadership Academy in Kobe and a certified JCI trainer with the level of an International Graduate (IG). He is a member of the JCI Foundation and has been honored as JCI Senator No. 67333. He speaks English and French.

As JCI President, Kwemain travelled extensively to more than 70 countries where JCI is established. During his visits, he meet with thousands of JCI members, JCI Partner organizations, heads of state, community leaders and corporate leaders, promoting the Mission of the organization: “To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.” President Kwemain strongly believes that with more committed young people involved in finding creative solutions to societal problems; JCI can lead the world to a better and brighter future.

Despite all his accomplishments and a burning desire to transform mindsets of young people in cameroon and around, He still remain a role model to reckoned with for many young people growing  up and aspiring to change and transform lives of people in their generation.

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