Nshom Interview in Dan Broadcasting systerm (DBS)

An interview with Nshom Oliver at the Le Jour se leve at DAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM (DBS)

Tuesday 04 February 2014


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    Good morning Nshom    and welcome on le jour se leve, Can   you give us a brief biography of yourself?

Thanks. I’m the Founder and CEO Youths World Inc a nonprofit organization to bridge the gap of vulnerability of school dropout and lack of accessibility to educational opportunities like job and internship. Add to that, a youth motivational speaker, certified from National speakers association.

What are some of those experiences that mark your childhood?

I went through hell and fire as a kid; Growing up wasn’t so easy. I grew up in a village called Oku in Bamenda. I have seven siblings and I’m the forth. We all love to speak. I didn’t have everything I wanted as a child but it was comfortable enough.

Growing up in a village where 85% kids doesn’t care about education with some parents doing nothing about it. I suffered a lot of childhood abuse as a child, in a family with many children to be care for, it was not easy on my parent and this really provoked me to start skipping class’s right at the primary school level and even at the secondary though my father wasn’t impressed with my opinion of skipping classes in school at all.


As a youth who has refused to be defeated by the obstacles of society, what is your motivation?

My life lessons, setbacks and all the challenges was just a reason for me to refuse succumbing to procrastination and giving up on my dreams or what others will divine project.I see the journey of success all characterized by failing but one thing I have learn is to rise up when I failed


Tell us more about “youthsworld”

Good! Youthsworld is a million youths revolution with already 5000 members around the world.

We develop in students the passion and skills to succeed in the marketplace and life so they are productive members of society who make their lives and the lives of others better. To achieve this vision we

  • Stimulate economic thinking skills
  • Encourage creative, intelligent risk-taking
  • Provide practical business experience, and
  • Instill in them Independence and personal responsibility.


Where do you get funding for your activities?

Firstly, we fund most of our project through cloud funding a method where all register member contribute 200 francs every month and when we multiple it times the number of members we have, we found ourselves with a reasonable figure to sponsor a project.

Secondly, we are about to be taking some measures whereby we could contact companies, provides them with some services like computer software’s programs which could be develop by our IT team. So all we are doing to fund our projects is about auto-sponsors why? Because nowadays lots of nonprofit just like Youthsworld due to failed on their mission mainly because of this issues of lack of finance and model offices. So, for us to be different from others, we had decided to self-spoonsor our projects. Well if the government or companies around feel to come for partnership or spoonsorship , all doors are open.

What are some of the challenges that you encounter?

So far, my jobs had been travelling from one region of Cameroon to the other. Sharing with University student, speaking to student in colleges and Vocational schools. You can’t imagine upon all my sacrifices to inspire and thrilled young people fulfilled their educational potentials there are still some institutions they close their doors to me well I can’t say why but this alone has been a huge hindrance in my career as a Youths/Teens MP.

Many youths with the kind of opportunity that you have will prefer to travel and settle out of the country. May be in Europe or America. Do you have any plans like that?

A have gotten more than ten opportunities to travelled out of Cameroon but none had never interested me. Right inside me, I had word that keep telling me you have an assignment in your country to do so I had the fear of travelling out of my country without doing the assignment I got to do for Cameroon. I know very well that lots of lives had been inspired and transform but a lot still have to be done.

Where God has kept you is where he has keep your blessings no need trying to force things happen the other way for I believe …. Cameroonians, Africans, we are here for a reason and each and every one of us should take the responsibility of discovering his or her own purpose of living and been where he is. In life, things never happen by chance. If I ‘m going to America or Europe it’s strictly for a specific purpose like further education, my seminar or conference programs.

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Many youths are watching us this morning morning. I will like you deliver a short motivational talk to them.

Nothing apart from time management! There are two things you can do with time. You spent it or you lost, wasted time can never be regain today is 04-02-2014 tomorrow will be 05-02-2014 next year same time will be 04-02-2015 .World most creative and innovative thinkers, people like A. Einstein, Thomas Edison, Bill Gate and a whole lot more became such as a result on how they manage and spend their time. Time is money the different between success and failure depends on how you spent your time.Always have faith in God, trust and believe him because he had never failed.I know you have heard this a thousands time Hardwork never failed, what ever work you are doing, do your best, be the best and blame nobody of who you are but yourself.You will not get what you truly deserve if you are too attached to the things you are suppose to let go of.

Thank you so much for being my guest Nshom. Feel free to come in whenever the needs arise. Have a blessed day. Dona Della.

Editted by Youthsworld Edittorial board.


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