1. 1.Create a website for your project. Globexcamdesigns do this at a cheaper rate
  2. 2.Write a news letter that you send out periodically by email or regular mail to update people on your project activities.
  3. 3.Keep a blog about your project. Write frequently once or twice a week on any activities around your venture.
  4. 4.Keep a bulletin board with up to date information about your project.
  5. 5.Develop a logo that people will recognize and associate with your project.youthsworld-logo
  6. 6.Create T-shirts, pens and other merchandise with your name and logotshirt logo pic
  7. 7.Create posters and ask permission to hang them in your school, market places and attractive sets.
  8. 8.Set up information tables during schools lunch in student union or at community events.
  9. 9.Distributes your business cards whenever you can
  10. 10.Learn how to talk about your project then tell everyone about it.
  11. 11.Use testimonies. Ask someone supportive for quotes about your venture. And then include that in flyers, news letter and other promotional materials
  12. 12.Create a video that highlights your venture activities. You can post this video on your website, show it at events and distributes it to supporters and potential supporters of your venture
  13. 13.Hold events that appeal to many type of peopleevents01      events04
  14. 14.Write a press release whenever business events or activities occur and send it to local news papers, TV stations and other media
  15. 15.Invite local newspapers to your events
  16. 16.Advertise upcoming events on your local Radios, Television and other media
  17. 17.Publicize events and meetings on school news paper
  18. 18.Call people directly to tell them
  19. 19.Use free classified site on the internet and on local news paper
  20. 20.Take pictures at all your events this can be use in flyers and brochures etc
  21. 21.Connect with already established organizations that will be willing to talk and advertise your projects
  22. 22.Send flyers and brochures to as many as people as possible
  23. 23.Trade barter your service/products to other service/ products that your project needs
  24. 24.Mail posters to community members to advertise your venture and request donation
  25. 25.Offer gifts certificate or coupons for free or reduced-cost products and certificate02

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