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Advantages of been an advance member

  • The opportunity to participate in the Youthsworld Council meeting and Forum. This is the apex conference of the Youthsworld, which is hosted by a member country annually and is attended by senior policymakers and heads of regulatory authorities
  • The chance to play a pivotal and direct role in the the Organisation by election to the Executive commitee
  • Receiving training to build capacity in a wide range of components of YSW
  • Opportunities to participate at various YsW conferences and events on topical subjects as a speaker, exhibitor or delegate
  • Gaining access to cutting-edge information, toolkits, models and templates developed by the Youthsworld team world wide.
Membership is available on an annual renewable basis, but the YsW is happy to consider three and five years membership options arrangements. All membership other than for public sector bodies is subject to the YsW’s ethical framework and a basic due diligence check.
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