Youths World is an African youth centered non-profit organization that provides practical, values-based leadership development, mentorship, and livelihoods training to promising young Africans, so that they can become ethical, innovative and positive role models providing solutions to the problems in their community. At YouthsWorld, we believe that the young people are the central of society and our youth leadership programmes engage them in the developmental stages of their lives.

Youths World programmes are designed to enhance individual and collective agency. Over 12,000 young people in Cameroon and beyond have benefitted from our programmes in both urban and rural areas. Many Youths World fellows are involved in leadership initiatives and are actively engaging policy makers and influencing policies at the regional, national and continental levels.



We commit to taking charge of decisions


We do things differently in all our interventions

African pride

We build and appreciate our African origin and culture


We thrive in partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals.


We commit to observing high quality standards in all our engagements

Works and Events

We run an inclusive Volunteering Institute, an inclusive Public Speaking Academy, High Impact TV Show in Canal 2 English Douala, Highly listen Radio Programme at the CBC Radio Bamenda, great impact leadership development, and economic empowerment programmes aimed at endowing 21st century leaders and generations beyond to spur positive change in their communities. Most of our fellows who fall in the 18 to 35 age, learn about self-awareness, leadership skills, life skills, storytelling, community service, human rights and participation, communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship, amongst other modules.

Our Services


Our programmes fall under the following broad thematic areas: Leadership development, Personal development and economic empowerment.

Our Mission

We inspire and equip young people to become ethical, innovative and positive role models providing sustainable solutions to problems within their communities.

Our Vision

We reach out to inspire a new breed of leaders in the third world countries in the 21 st century and beyond.

Our Skills

The few things we can do

Leadership Development


Youth Empowerment


Economic Empowerment




Our Memorandum and Articles of Association states that the objects for which the Organization is established are:

Develop the talent of Public speaking in people who have passion in the Art of Public Speaking by setting up an academy to train Public speakers in Bamenda and beyond.

To train and educate University and high school graduates on the importance of Volunteerism and patriotism (love for their fatherland) Raise kids who can be Prolific in spelling and pronunciation.
To expose the talent of Artists (painters, craftsmen and their handwork)
To initiate in youths the holistic mindset about success, helping them harness their talents and potentials to become successful entrepreneurs, employees, employers, Impact makers and dream builders. Through entrepreneurial, leadership and soft Skills training
Help meet the needs of Orphans and vulnerable children with shelter and basic education needs.
To promote literacy and creative thinking among youths by setting up libraries for and research centers for their research works.


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest... All participants were kin to grow themselves for the community.

Educative Talk

A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read....
Develop a passion for learning

Every handwork is crowned with success...
Top three participants in Public Speaking Contest


We are thankful to YouthsWorld for the great initiative and helping us grow our skills.

-Certficate Winners
first three positions

Our Partners

Special thanks to our partners for making this team a success

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