Youth Talent Award

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Youths Talent Award!

Youth Talent and Award Exhibition Power by Migrawire Project Management & Hilfsverein Baileke (HIBA) to Support and boost up the talent and soft skills of Youth through Exhibition in other to smooth their part from School to work and reduce the rate of Youth unemployment.  

Employeability and Empowerment.

Participants will be accredited with Cash benefits as Scholarship or other sustainable materials to enable them improve their visions and facilitate

Date and Place of Competition: 03/01/2015
Place: Franco Alliance( Now CURELF)Buea, Cameroon
Age: 13 - 29 Years

How to participate

Participants should be between 13 - 29 years old.

You can participate while exposing your Talent & skills (Music, Singing, Dancing, Painting, innovation, Business plan, Agric. etc.) to win Prices and boost up your capability as well as taking part by the Gala night and be part of our global Networking. .

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