Founded  in 2011 and legally registered in 2013. It was founded to foster youth’s development whilst solving major problems affecting the youths such as  Illiteracy, lack of self motivation, among others, school drop-out, overcoming examination pressure, motivation amongst youth etc. We believe the youths are  resources by themselves if properly managed, however they are the most neglected and blamed to be the cause most of criminal acts such as robbery, rape, riots, violence, criminal abortions and terrorism. We agree that the youths are responsible for their crimes but these crimes would have been prevented if someone had guided these innocent souls to do better with their own lives. As youths world  we determined to guide, help and develop this young generation, In the eyes of God, our Lord we have done our best but we limited by resources both material and financial. We therefore kindly request you to lend us a helping hand in our quest and however little it can be, we will appreciate. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

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