September Youth Of The Month has been awarded to Mr. ATIBUAGHESAMO MICHAEL.


He is a native from Kom and a degree holder in the domain of agriculture specifically crop production. After obtaining his BSc in crop production in 2019, he became passionate about meeting up with the challenging need of the population in terms of quality and good food. He is the founder of the EVER GREEN VISION group ( a common initiative group which has been functioning for 1yrs, producing and training of other farmers and youths) under the canopy of the GLOBAL YOUTH TRANSFORMATIVE AID (GYTA). The young passionate farmer have been hosting a number of Seminars and work-shops across the different regions in the country to help train and equip youth and farmers with modern and more profitable ways of Agriculture. He is a dynamic farmer operating in mushroom farming, Rabbit Farming, chick farming and Vegetables production.


In 2019 he founded EVER GREEN VISION GROUP which has been supplying 3 weeks old chicks, Rabbits, Mushrooms, vegetables seeds gotten from the renounced GTYA to Farmers and those in need. He has so far Been able to achieve some structures which help him to run and meet up with his visions. Some these Structures are

  1. A small brooding unit for chicks
  2. A rabbit farm
  3. A Mushroom unit for consistent production and supply of Organic mushroom.

Under the canopy of GTYA they have been able to train about 100 farmers across the country. His CIG has gone a long way to evolve young person's into into farming and production thus solving the UN unemployment and bring sustainability in the community


His vision is:

  1. To create sustainable jobs in the domain of Agriculture for the youths in his community.
  2. To train and build youths farmers into agriculture to minimise loss and maximise profit.
  3. . To solve the problem of food security by going organic in production and fighting against Hunger which is one of the most killer Pandemic in the world.
  4. To create a good farmers chain between the farmers,the producers and the product in question.
  5. To go commercial in the supply of 3 weeks old chicks to farmers.
  6. To sell vegetables, rabbits, mushrooms in bulk to the community at a much cheaper price.

Giving his family the life they have always dreamt of.
To be able to assist his society through building sustainable businesses that can be able to help persons around the community.
Assisting less privilege persons and most importantly kids through empowering them in different works of life , reason being why he created the online digital platform where he has been able to train more than 500 persons in the skill of digital marketing and computer programming with Ms, Excel but to name a few.


  1. Apart from YOUTH WORLD ORGANISATION Recognising him, he had received numerous appreciation from his community and many youth who look up to him.

WhatsApp: 651035499